We had a unique experience visiting Garin Farm. It was both recreational and spiritual.  If you are a nature lover, then you will surely like this place. It has a farm that produces poultry products, milk, and meat. Then, there is a resort with a swimming pool and a man-made lake, plus a worship place, they call it pilgrimage hill, wherein you can take time to personally talk to yourself and find meaning to all your experiences in life.


               From the main entrance, we passed through the vine-covered passageway leading to the farm’s amenities. Because of the vine curtain and big shady trees, we did not feel any discomfort whatsoever despite the hot weather.

We had a 20-minute walk before reaching the main area of the property. For us who live in the city, it is always a refreshing sight to see chickens in coops laying eggs, a flock of doves flying freely in the air, goats, and carabaos in their natural habitat and other farm animals I can no longer remember at this time. 

The vine curtain gives shades to visitors as they walked around this sprawling Garin property.
Photo by Joarniel John S. Hinolan


               Aside from the agricultural feature of Garin, we were also treated to the breathtaking view of the resort area. The hotel rooms are neatly lined in one area overlooking the swimming pool and a man-made lake. Since we were on a day tour, we did not check the resort’s amenities. I guess visitors can try out the zip line, ride in ATV (all-terrain vehicle), go night swimming, kayaking and fishing.

               We took our early lunch at the resort’s restaurant. We had corned beef and spam with a sunny-side-up fried egg. They also served fresh goat milk and chicken empanada – both were the products of the farm. There were pasalubong items on sale in the restaurant too.

The panoramic view of the resort as viewed from the restaurant. It features hotel rooms, swimming pool, lake for fishing and other boat activities as well as zipline for the adventurous guests.

Fresh goat milk and empanadas are some of the food guests may eat at the farm's restaurant.

               The most important part of this sprawling property is Pilgrimage Hill, which is the favorite subject of many pictures on Facebook and Instagram. We climbed around 500-step stairs leading to the symbolic white cross at the end of the hill.

The Pilgrimage Hill is  about 500 steps upward which  provides guests the opportunity to talk to God.

               While climbing the steep hill, we were transported back to the days of Jesus as we saw the recreation of the major biblical events leading to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The tableau features life-sized images of the biblical characters and yes, the emotions on their faces were artistically differentiated. I can feel the pain and agony Jesus endured with his tormentors when He was sentenced to death.

                It was an achievement reaching the top of the hill. We looked around and entered a dark room with a sign – Divine Mercy Dark Meditation Tunnel. The other  sign on the wall said that this represents our life on earth. At the end of the dark passage, was the image of the Divine Mercy. We paused for a while and prayed. Then, we moved forward and ended up in the all-white space at the end of the tunnel. There were white angels and white life-sized figures of people in immaculately white clouds.  Obviously, this is a glimpse of heaven and the figures were souls now enjoying their life in heaven.

The brother and sister team pose before entering the dark tunnel leading to the Divine Mercy Prayer Room
               Our visit to Garin Farm is relaxing not only to our physical body but to our soul as well. We had the chance to appreciate the little things we failed to notice because of our busy life, like seeing how chickens in coop lay their eggs or noticing how graceful birds fly. It was also a chance to meditate and to know what we value most in life. 

                  Did you experience travelling to places like this?  Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.