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Restaurant Review: Why we Keep Coming Back to Clem's Cuisine

Big smiles for a hearty meal at Clem's Cuisine.

We've been to Clem's Cuisine for so many times.  In fact, few of our milestones as a family was celebrated there - from birthdays, graduation dinner, Mother’s Day celebration, to name a few.   But, it is only now that I have the time to write about our dining experience in this upscale yet reasonably-priced restaurant.

Clem’s Cuisine offers a wide variety of food, from set meals, main-course meal, pasta, green salads, and sweets.  They have the best cheesecakes and other sweet products that may satisfy your sweet cravings.

My First Impressions
Their staff is accommodating.  Once you already picked a table, they will immediately give you the menu and will return within a considerable to take your orders.  The layout of the place looks uncrowded.  The table and chairs are arranged effectively to make you way for extra traffic when customers are many.  The over-all decor theme is classy and minimalist, with black, white and brown as the prevalent colors.  An open-space area, in front of the store, is provided for smokers and those who may want to breath fresh air. 

This open-air, al fresco dining allows one to observe the commuters and traffic along the New Government Center area.
  Clem’s Menu
There is quite a variety of food to choose from the menu.  It has Filipino cuisines with choices of American or Italian food.  There are salad choices for the health-conscious, desserts, fruit shakes and smoothies for those who want to cool-down after a hearty meal.

We usually go to Clem’s during weekdays for lunch.  Understandably, it has fewer guests as compared to weekends and during night time.  Probably because most of the patrons are office employees who may not have time to prepare for their dinner at home.  Almost always, our orders are served on time and the bill is given promptly.  Sometimes, when we are in hurry, we ask the staff to prepare the bill ahead.

The staff was generally polite and friendly.  We are glad that when you become a regular customer, the same staff will serve you.  This particular staff already knew what we want.   So, after we are settled on our chairs, there is always a cold glass of water on the table.  Then, he will refill it as soon as the glass is empty.  When he sees us not eating anymore, he will offer dessert or coffee, which I will gladly order a cup of brewed coffee.  Their coffee is served unlimited during 2 PM-5PM.

Our Food
For this particular review, I ordered Chicharon Bulaklak, while Grilled Spareribs and Calamares for my daughter and Creamy Truffle Pasta for my wife.  As expected I got Chicharon Bulaklak crispy enough, the meat dish and calamares cooked well and the pasta is well seasoned with plenty of mushrooms.

The food presentation was perfect.  For my chicharon bulaklak, it came with an atchara (a local concoction of unripened papaya with vinegar and other condiments) and vinegar placed in a cute small bowl.  The grilled meat was decorated with extra sweet sauce on top, making it more appealing. 

This grilled dish is not so sweet nor salty is appealing.

The Creamy Truffle Pasta has enough bacon and mushrooms and the tenderness of the pasta is perfect.

The Chicharon Bulaklak is not only for sumsuman but can also be a carbo replacement for the day
My Rating
Good food, great ambiance, plenty of food choices, friendly and accommodating staff.  These are the reasons why we keep coming back to Clem's Cuisine.

The restaurant is located at Hi Strip 2 Extension, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City 6100, Philippines.  You may visit their Facebook page through this link >>

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