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If you think you cannot get a good nice view of a sunset in a busy and progressive city with tall buildings all around the area like Bacolod City, then you are wrong.  The city of smiles has many restaurants that offer a scenic view of the sunset.

Last Monday, my wife and I were looking for some furniture for a project that we are planning to put up.  Our feet brought us to BUNZ Surplus Japan in North Bacolod, a warehouse full of used cabinets and other furniture from Japan - some are slightly used and others were quite new, along Banago Road in Bacolod City.

Banago area is generally notorious for being a haven of lawlessness.  Public jeepneys are stopping in the middle of the road to unload their passengers, shirtless men roaming the street, public market extending their store spaces up to the road and squatters making the road as their open living area.  So, there is not much to be excited about going to this area, wherein all you see are shanties, gasoline depots and gasoline stations, old or abandoned buildings and warehouses.

Since it was quite late for a merienda and too early for dinner, we decided to go to Palawud Resto Grill and Bar to get something for our stomach, just across the street from the surplus store.   This nondescript structure, save for a signage and flaking paint of the cemented perimeter wall opens to a long driveway until you reach the restaurant area.  For a first-time customer, you will not realize that there is a restaurant inside this enclosed area.

I cannot remember how many times I visited this place but I know for sure why we should visit this place more often if only to catch the sunset or feel the breeze of the ocean air.

1.  Best Sunset View
The open-air resto-bar, just a few steps to the shoreline allows us to catch the setting of the sun, with all the magical orange, the brown and grayish hues until the horizons become blue and dark.  For a nature lover like me, this is a very romantic view, especially because there were no daughters around so we made the best of our time together.
The scenic view of the sunset provides a backdrop for a romantic dinner.  Photo credit:  Palawud Resto Grill FB Page

 2.  Sea-Front Dining Area
The eating area allows the customers to appreciate the wide and clean shoreline and if you are there during high tide, you can hear the rushing of the waves or smell the salty misty air, which study shows have calming and therapeutic effects.   

The unique seating arrangement allows a free-flowing atmosphere.
3.  Ample and Secure Parking Spaces  
They have sufficient parking spaces in contrast to the many restaurants located within the downtown area, wherein you cannot immediately find an empty parking space and if you ever find one, you will risk your car to vandalism and thief.  Palawud’s parking spaces are also secured because the whole area is enclosed and you are sure that those coming in are only their customers.

4. Children’s Playground
Surprisingly, this is the only restaurant I know that is in a way, child-friendly.  They have a swing, slides and other play tools for the children.  When your child is bored waiting for the food to arrive or is extra active, you can let him play until he gets tired and is ready to eat.

Children or children at heart may while their time away by playing in this play area
5.  Best Angle for Instagram Pictures
If you are fond of sharing pictures of your food adventure, then you will find so many angles here that will surely make your Instagram posts get the most number of likes, especially if the sunset is very friendly with you. 
This is one of the many corners inside the restaurant that you can take your selfie or groupie.
 6.  Wide Selection of Food
The food choices are varied - from meat to seafood dishes and drinks.  They even have set meals or bundle meals for big groups.  Their bestsellers are properly labeled on their menu so that if you are still undecided, you will get an idea of what food to consider. 

One of the restaurant's bestsellers, the Mixed Seafood is best paired with rice or beer.  Price is P280.00

The Chicharon Bulaklak,costing P170.00, is crunchy enough and the vinegar that goes with it is perfect.
7. Live Singers
Live singers and bands are serenading the guests on regular schedules - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Listening to soft music while eating makes you eat more (I guess. . ha..ha..)  You may even request them to sing your favorite songs.  

8.  Masskara and Fire Dancers
If you missed the annual Masskara Festival of Bacolod City, then you should eat your dinner on a weekend and you will be entertained by the world-famous Maskara dancers and find out why it is popular in the other parts of the world.  While enjoying your smoothie or drinking beer, you will also be treated to a fire dance number.  It is thrilling to see how dancers manage to create patterns of different lights and dance at the same time to the beat of a jungle drum.
The customers get the taste of one Boracay major attractions - fire dancing.
There are many things to discover in Palawud Resto Grill and Bar.  The management is in constant hunt for ways to meet the unique needs of their guests.  It is a place for everyone, where you appreciate both the scenic beauty of nature and the gastronomic feast. 

Do you have a memorable or romantic dining experience?  Please share that with us in the Comment Section below. 

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.

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