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The majestic view of the sun, sand and sea at the Brazaville Beach Resort

Exploring Hinoba-an is not complete without staying in Brazaville Beach Resort. For local tourists coming in from Bacolod City, this is a strategic place for lunch because you will reach the place from Bacolod City at lunch time, if you start traveling from the City of Smile early in the morning. So your tummy will tell you it is time to eat when you pass by this resort.

When my siblings and our respective families decided to spend an overnight-stay in Hinoba-an, we do not have any idea what is in store for us. Our itineraries were mostly based on what we read or saw on Facebook and some were recommended by friends who have been to Hinoba-an.

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But, we know for sure that our three-day stay should be in Brazaville Beach Resort. We arrived at the beach past 1:00 PM, so we immediately ordered our late lunch. The front desk was very accommodating, the check-in process was a breeze. That is an advantage when you book your stay in advance.

Since it was a lean month and rainy season, they let us occupy our assigned rooms early. Again, it is always good to travel during the off-peak period because customers are not many and you may even enjoy their promo or discounts.


We were a big group of around 20 persons - my siblings, and their children. We got three family rooms for four guests each room and one room for 2 guests. The four rooms have a queen-sized bed each, a cable TV and a decent WIFI connection.

The family rooms have extra beds so that one family stays in one room. They have clean and crispy mattresses and blankets. Their bathrooms were spacious and well-maintained and the area is equipped with a 24-hour CCTV system. After all, they are DOT-accredited for nothing, so it follows that they have superior facilities.

This well-appointed room with clean and crisp mattress awaits guests of the resort.
After eating our lunch and ensuring everything was in order, we checked the surrounding areas. The resort has 6 family rooms, with a very wide common living area, a big terrace, and a wide beachfront. The living area also serves as a dining area for guests and walk-in customers. On the other side, you can relax, sip a cold drink and watch beachcombers walk or play on the beach at the resort's big terrace.

On the beachfront, guests may play volleyball, stroll or run on the shoreline, or maybe chase the waves endlessly. Watching the sunset while having a cold or hard drink is very romantic, especially if you are with your spouse. 

Watching Sunset

My wife and I always love the sunset. In Brazaville, you can witness the best and majestic sunset view. It is interesting to see how the colors change from blue, red, orange then to black or blue, signaling that another day has ended. I really see how amazing and magical the love of God is working. When I have the opportunity, I never miss taking pictures of this beautiful sight.

When the surroundings become black, I wondered how the sun slowly hides among the clouds or gradually swimming down the ocean floor. I feel sad seeing the sun making its graceful exit.

Watching sunset always amazes me.

Candlelight Dining at Beachfront

As I've mentioned, the resort has a friendly and very accommodating staff. I requested for a dinner table arrangement at the beachfront. What we got was a table arrangement prepared elegantly, with eating utensils used for fine dining.

The canopy - an open structure with nipa as the roof was beautifully dressed in white curtains. It has multi-colored bulbs, serving as the main source of light at dinner time, which makes it romantic. There were also improvised candles on the tables fashioned out of used cooking oil.

Since I am interested in anything about the environment, I asked one of the staff - how these were made. I was told that instead of throwing the used cooking oil to the drain, they use the fatty liquid as fuel to light an improvised candle. All it needs are a container for the cooking oil, a wick from old clothes and an improvised holder for the wick, maybe an excess of steel wire. The idea is simple, yet it gives an impact to minimize waste in the environment.

This environment-friendly lighting adds a romantic touch to the family dinner by the sea.
We had seafood and chicken adobo for dinner. Everyone enjoyed the gastronomic feast while at the same time, appreciated the company of family with the sunset slowly making its graceful exit, promising a brand new day.

Lounging at the Beach Front

We made the most of our stay in this paradise. After dinner, most of us, adult family members were sharing stories and family anecdotes while drinking beers or shakes on the beachfront. It is nice that the resort has a bar on the beachfront, selling drinks and light snacks.

This is an added advantage for us, tourists because sometime we may forget to bring all our personal stuff and we do not know where to buy them since we are not familiar with the place. Having an in-house convenience store makes it easy for us to buy junk food, hygienic items, and even souvenirs.

Discovering Hinoba-an

They say that unplanned travel is the most exciting because you get to visit places you do not expect to be more fun and interesting. And of course, it allows you to deal with the people and be acquainted with their culture and practices.

Travelling allows us to mingle with the locals.  This helpful driver drove us up to the steepy portion of the historic Obong Cave, one of the must-see places in Hinoba-an

Aside from enjoying the magnificent sunset and the VIP accommodation in Brazaville, we also went spelunking and made a side trip to Satori Cliff in Basay, Negros Oriental.

I am with the bests - the best people, the best beach and the best travel destination in the south

There are many treasures in Hinoba-an waiting for us to discover. For us, we already found one.

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  12. I love exploring resorts And tourism in general
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  13. I love exploring resorts
    And tourism in general
    I think it is a very beautiful place


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