Wednesday, April 22, 2020


I wrote about our little Shih Tzu in a separate post. This time, I would like to give you a sneak peek of our second dog. We want to share what kind of dog she is, and how happy we are to have her as Bolt’s playmate and an addition to the family.

Sky is big and a bit tall even when she is still a baby.

Our Sky is a big dog. You may think she will bite you the first time you meet her? No, you are wrong. Sky is one of the smartest and loving dogs in the world. Her friendly looks will melt your heart away.

She loves many things. She loves to eat, walk outside, fetch game and extra attention.

Sky eats plain dog food or a mixture of dog food and boiled pork meat and pork bones. We can even throw anything edible to her. During mealtime, she patiently waits for food remnants.

She loves long walks. She barks the bedroom door to remind me that it is walking time. It is like heaven when she goes outside the house. She sniffs everything that smells differently. And of course, she does her routine - she poops and pees, not necessarily in that order, though. When everything is done, she continues walking excitedly to find another spot to smell.
She rests after a long walk. Dog's tongue is sticking out when he feels hot and thirsty.
Labradors are active and high-spirited dogs. Sky loves to play fetch. She has extra energy when she is in the mood to play. She runs fast and very smart in locating the toy when it is hidden somewhere. She also obeys basic commands - sit, down, rotate, go or up.

She love road trips.
Sky is the family’s sunshine. It is easy for us to meet her daily needs and care. We seldom go to the veterinarian nor grooming salon. She never growls when our play gets too much. When we see her wagging her tails, that is an assurance that Sky loves us more than we do.

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Do you have pets, too? Please share how you love and care for your furbaby in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Bolt is our snob but playful Shih Tzu who loves everyone in the house. He is always the first at the door to greet us and shows his bottom for a belly rub. He also gives his favorite squeaky ball as a greeting.

When he was small, he had many health issues. We spent a lot treating his health problems. I think the most challenging one was when he had a blood infection. Bolt ate nothing for two days and his mouth was dry. His vet gave plenty of medicines. He had intravenous fluids (IV) inserted on his foot too. I did not sleep the whole night checking if the IV was intact or he was still breathing. After six months and a new veterinarian, his infection was gone. I am glad it was over now.

He is shy and very small when she came inside the house for the first time.
This little lion is a picky eater. He loves dog food mixed with boiled pork meat. He would finish the whole serving immediately. If his bowl is unmixed, he would just sniff it and turn away. He has that distinctively arrogant look, with head up high and curved tail at the back when turning away. He doesn’t mind skipping meals. If he doesn’t like his meal, he doesn’t care.

He so cute when he has long shiny hair

Though he is small in size, this fluffy buddy is full of personality. He is fond of playing his neon squeaky ball with us. He would drop his toy in front of us. Then we would throw it against the wall. He would run as fast as he could, unmindful of sliding or getting harm in the process. He will catch the toy through his snout and two front feet so he could give it back to us securely.

He is very affectionate. He would follow us around the house. And when we settle down to watch television, we would show his bottom wildly or push his snout on our feet.

Sometimes, he gets too stubborn. He would ignore us when we want him to be inside the house after a routine. It takes a few “COME INSIDE” commands before he will realize we want him to go inside. But he is easy to forgive. How can you not forgive this cute pooch with his long shiny coat flying in the air while running inside the house?

He sports a "summer cut" now because of the hot weather. 
Caring and loving this small pooch is fulfilling and challenging. It lightens my day the moment he wags his tail after a hectic day. Sometimes a tear stain or an irritating cough worries me. Dog cough sounds strangely than humans. But no matter what the situation is, we will always love Bolt by providing him the care and comfort he deserves.

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Do you own a pet or pets?  Share to us how you love and care for your pet/pets in the Comment Section below.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020


The observance of Holy Week in the Philippine is regarded as one of the most important events in the Catholic church calendar.  It is a week-long solemn contemplation on the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus.

 It starts on Palm Sunday, wherein we carry palm or coconut leaves to the church to hear the Sunday mass.  Then after the mass, the priest would bless it.  To us Catholics, we remember this day as the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem as King and Savior.

We also attend mass during Maundy Thursday and join the procession on Holy Friday.  Some visit different churches or watch the reenactment of Jesus’ suffering and death, a play that is usually held on the road and culminates in the public plaza where the reenactment of the crucifixion is performed.   Sunday is a joyful occasion as we witness the reenactment of the biblical event when the Virgin Mary meets the Risen Christ.

There is one place in the southern part of Iloilo - in San Juaquin that is a haven for Catholics who would like to meditate on Jesus’ passion during the holy week, in a more solemn manner within a lush greenery on a hill, about the height of a 10-storey building.

The /Garin Pilgrimage Hill, about the height of a 10-storey building can be accessed by about 450 steps.
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We climbed the Garin Pilgrimage Hill after about 450 steps, leading to the big white cross.  At the top, we entered the dark meditation tunnel, wherein you can talk to God and contemplate on His sufferings and resurrection.  As you are presumed to be cleaned, at the end of the tunnel lies the replica of heaven – at least as what the signage tells us.  This part of the hill is all white – the surroundings, the statue of angels and saint, I presume, and other souls, I guess.

Is this  what heaven looks like?

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden:  the origin of humanity
Our experience is made more meaningful because as we entered this part, the white surroundings are so strikingly hurtful to the eyes. I can really feel that it is like heaven, as the way I watched it in the movies.  But as we went downstairs, I realized, it was just an optical illusion.  Our eyes are used to the black surroundings - literally no lightings, only the white small bulb lining the floor serving as a guide, in the dark tunnel and we suddenly went outside to the bright surroundings, so naturally, our eyes will find it hard to adjust immediately.

Aside from the heavenly spectacle, the hill features life-sized installation of biblical scenes which devotees can visit while climbing upstairs.  We dropped by all these attractions and said short prayers for each.  The figures were cleverly placed to serve as “breather” so that climbers, like us  can rest for a while. This tactic really works favorably to me, who have lesser stamina compared to my younger companions.

Jesus was welcomed in Jerusalem in  this Palm Sunday scene.

A loving son spends his final meal with the disciples.
The son of God prays and accepts his fate at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Our one-day tour of the Garin Farm was enriching and meaningful.  While it was originally planned out as more of a recreational in nature, it was made meaningful by going to the Pilgrimage Hill, reliving Jesus' story and talking to Him in prayer solemnly.

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