SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold2 Sold out via Pre-order, Hits Stores Starting September 25!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Recently, I wrote about the different features of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 that you should know.  I hope  you find this post informative and helpful.

Now, SAMSUNG is happy to announce that it successfully sold out the Galaxy Z Fold2 in its official Online Store, retail channels, and through telco partners, Globe and Smart. 

“We are grateful for the support of our customers. They will be among the exclusive few who will bear witness to how we are changing the shape of the future through the Galaxy Z Fold2’s groundbreaking features,” says Jerry Mañus, Business Unit Head of IT and Mobile, Samsung Philippines.

Those who missed the pre-order of the Galaxy Z Fold2 in the Philippines can still have a chance to get their hands on the most premium device. 

Starting September 25, Samsung officially offers the in-foldable smartphone via its online store, Samsung-authorized online partners, and online channels of telecom partners, Globe and Smart.

By October 2, 2020, the Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available in select Samsung Experience Stores and Globe and Smart stores.

You are in for exciting promos when you purchase the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Those who purchase will enjoy a premium bundle worth P25,100, which includes free Galaxy Buds Live worth P8,990, 12 months of Samsung Care+ worth Php 14,199, and an e-voucher worth Php 2,000 that they can use for a Samsung Leather Cover Case. 

Beginning October 2, the e-voucher can only be availed through Samsung’s online store. Hurry, units are limited upon launch!

They will also be given various options to avail of the device when they are available in stores on October 2 such as flexible payment terms of up to 36 months at 0% interest through participating bank credit cards, the first installment month free through PNB, and the ‘Trade In, Save Up’ program. 

Be one of the first few to change the shape of the future. For more information, visit

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NOVUHAIR® and ALOPECIA PHILIPPINES: Celebrating Seven Fruitful Years of Collaboration


Bored from doing nothing inside your home?  Here’s something to look forward to on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 3 PM to 8 PM.


NOVUHAIR®, leading hair loss treatment in the country, and THE ALOPECIA PHILIPPINES, a group founded in 2012 by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio celebrates seven (7) fruitful years of collaboration with an online event.


Dubbed, “VICTORIOUS, Rising Above Alopecia and the Pandemic Together”, the online gathering will go LIVE at When In Manila’s Facebook Page on Saturday, September 26, 2020 (3 pm to 8 pm). 


So, mark your calendar and ensure you witness this momentous event.


The Alopecia Philippines is an online support community for raising alopecia awareness.


Abby Asistio is currently one of the ambassadors and the Inspirational VIP Coach of NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, which she has been using since March 2013. 


Know more about NOVUHAIR®:

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The Complete Guide to Income Tax Filing and Payment for Freelancers and Business Owners

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Income earners in the Philippines are required to pay income taxes to the government. Taxes provide funds for the government to finance its projects and programs.

There are different taxes that every employed Filipino is required to file and pay. Of course, some income-earners need not file or pay their income tax.


The preparation of the income tax form is confusing, especially for first-time filers. You need to be familiar with some technical terms for you to fill out the form correctly.


Now, we may breathe a sigh of relief because BIR is going digital. Thanks to the Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms), which is downloadable on the BIR website, we can prepare our tax returns via the new application.


The eBIRForms allows the encoding of the taxpayer’s data directly to the BIR system, which automatically computes the tax dues and validates all the information before you can print the tax forms.


This new process is a convenient and advanced alternative that does away with the manual process of preparing the tax returns on pre-printed forms that are prone to error. 

So, how do we use the eBIRForms? 

Here is the step-by-step guide in accomplishing the income tax form using the eBIRForms package.  Click to Tweet.



1. Download the eBIR Forms Offline Package Version7.6.


Ø Go to;


Ø In the Home page, click the "eBIR Forms" button to download the Offline eBIRForms Package v7.6 and follow the instruction;

Ø Go to your DOWNLOAD folder and install the program on your computer.


2. Access the eBIR Forms Offline Package on your computer and fill out your desired Tax Form.


Ø Go to your desktop and click this icon;


Ø Fill-out all the required data;

Ø Select the desired BIR Form and hit the FILL-UP icon;


Ø Click “OK”;


Ø Fill out the Form;


Ø Check all the data and if correct, click “VALIDATE”


Note: You should get this message if the data is correct: VALIDATION SUCCESSFUL;


Ø Click “SAVE”;


Ø To print, click File > Print Preview >Print;


Ø To save the form to your desktop/cannot print at the moment, click FILE > PRINT > CANCEL PRINT and follow the instruction.


3. Bring the Accomplished Form to the Authorized BIR Collecting Bank and Pay the corresponding tax due.


4. Submit a copy of the bank’s duly validated Income Tax Form to the nearest BIR Office and keep another copy for your file.


Final Thoughts


Using the eBIR Forms is easy. You need to remember just four steps: DOWNLOAD, FILL-OUT, PAY, and SUBMITClick to Tweet.


If you want to get help in filing your income tax, please get in touch with me through any of my social media accounts or direct message me on my mobile phone. I would be glad to help you.


Do you have helpful tips in paying your income taxes promptly? Please share them in the comment section below. I am sure a lot of us will be glad to know more tips in filing BIR taxes.


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NOVUHAIR® Congratulates ADP Pharma Corporation

Friday, September 18, 2020

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Novuhair, one of the leading hair loss innovators in the country congratulates ADP Pharma Corporation as the company celebrates its 10th year anniversary. 

ADP Pharma Corporation has come a long way since it was re-launched in 2010. With ambition, drive, and passion, the company established its position in the pharmaceutical industry through successful endeavors in all aspects of operations.

Motivated by its ambition to give Filipinos with the best, ADP Pharma Corporation cap off each year with new product developments and partnerships. 

The company is composed of driven and passionate men and women, who keep themselves abreast of recent trends in the pharmaceutical industry, set with a major advantage in addressing current & future market needs in an era where value-creation for consumers is a must

ADP Pharma Corporation's is composed of Ambitious, Driven and Passionate employees.

Leading up to where they are now -- Ambition, Drive, and Passion are what makes them.  These are what gave them a decade of rewarding their team as they reward the Filipinos with a wealth of health. 

You may watch the company’s milestone video here:

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Retirement Planning: Why Did We Choose Maxicare for our Health Insurance

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Maxicare Healthcare Corporation. The purpose of this article is to inform my readers of the importance of health insurance for financial security and over-all wellness, and why we chose Maxicare for our health insurance.

Nobody wants to get sick, but some people need medical attention- like a doctor’s check-up or laboratory examination.

While you are living a healthy lifestyle, with no history of family illness, you are still at risk of sickness.

But, people with health insurance will always have peace of mind, knowing that they can get the best medical treatment possible.

Benefits of Getting a Health Insurance

Financial Security

Hospitalization would cost us a huge amount of money. Worst, with limited cash, it will cost even our life, especially when medical problems lead to even more complicated health issues. 

By just paying a few thousand pesos monthly or quarterly, you are covered for hospitalization that would cost you a hundred thousand pesos, depending on your insurance coverage Click to Tweet.

Peace of Mind

Your health is at risk at any time. If it is not addressed immediately, it will  give you stress and will eventually worsen the situation. Your health insurance will shoulder the medical expenses and thus, reduce your stress.

Managed Health

Most health insurance covers regular doctor’s consultations and laboratory examinations. Availing of this minor hospital procedure facilitates early detection of serious illness. Hence, you are assured that it will be resolved and managed in time before it gets worse.

Why Did We Choose Maxicare?

Choosing the right health care insurance is difficult, especially if you are in your 50's. 

Aside from the highest cost of premiums as compared to someone younger who is getting the same coverage, pre-existing health conditions are also not covered by most HMOs.

So, why did we choose Maxicare for our health insurance? There are five reasons.

1. Reliable

Maxicare is one of the pioneers in the health insurance sector. It has been serving the health insurance needs of the public for more than two decades now.

It has the most numbers of accredited doctors and hospitals, so you are guaranteed that your health card is accepted by your doctor and preferred hospital.

2. Hassle-Free Consultation/Admission

Getting a Letter of Authority (LOA) for consultation or admission is easy. All you need to do is access your Maxicare online account, follow the instructions, and print the LOA. 

3. Fast Reimbursement Procedure

There are cases when you need to pay your medical bills out of your pocket for some reasons. You can process your reimbursement online by accessing their website.  Since the process is automated, it is faster and efficient. 

4. Responsive Sales Agent

It is always good to have a nice and courteous sales agent who goes the extra mile to serve the client. We are lucky to have one. 

5. Affordable Premium Payment

Maxicare allows affordable premium payment every quarter, rather than paying them semi-annual or annually as most health insurance companies require. This arrangement will not take a big chunk from your budget, so your expenses are still manageable.

Final Thoughts

As we enjoy our life after retirement, we must not forget to prepare something for our health. 

When we are old, most of our illnesses are detected. It is always practical to prepare for our medical and hospitalization expensesClick to Tweet.

Getting the right health insurance coverage will help us live our remaining years happy, healthy, and worry-free.

Do you have a health insurance, too?  How was your experience using your health card?  Please share your story in the Comment Section below.

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6 More Reasons Why You Should Own a Galaxy Note20 Series Smartphone

Do you want to know what is in store for when you own a Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra? We have more reasons to be excited about these newest additions to the Samsung family.

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra are packed with meaningful innovations to help us maximize our day and power our lifestyle.

While the Galaxy Note20 Series’ stunning display, seamless syncing with Microsoft services, and upgraded S Pen have already made headlines, there’s still more to discover about Samsung’s most powerful Note series yet. 

Check out these six more reasons to enjoy using the Galaxy Note20 series.

1. Capture More of the Moment With Single Take


The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra’s camera introduces an improved Single Take experience. The AI-powered feature captures up to 14 types of photos and videos simultaneously within five to 15 seconds of capture time.

2. Make Personality Shine in Portraits

The upgraded Single Take mode on the Galaxy Note20 series doesn’t just provide more time to shoot. Color Picking Portrait has been added to Single Take,

which chooses a color from the outfit of the subject and applies it as the background to create studio-like portraits.

 3. Share Wi-Fi with Friends

Repeatedly sharing the Wi-Fi password to friends can be frustrating. The Galaxy Note20 series removes that pain by allowing users to request Wi-Fi access information from nearby friends. This makes logging in automatic and easy.

4. Find the Highest Quality Wi-Fi Connection

When connecting to Wi-Fi in public spaces, the Galaxy Note20 series also makes it easy to find the fastest and most stable signal. The Galaxy Note20 series provides information about the login requirements and quality of the connection below the name of the network to easily find the most stable, secure connection every time.

5. Share Favorite New Song with a Friend

Nothing brings friends or family together like the shared love for music. The Galaxy Note20 series makes sharing of the latest favorite song easy with an upgraded Music Share experience.

Previously, the feature only allowed music to be played on devices connected to a shared friend's phone.

Now, users can listen to the Buds connected to their phone, and the Galaxy Buds connected to their friend's phone. Simply turn on Music Share, select nearby friend’s Buds, and both Buds will play the same music.

6. Take Control Over Video Watching With Bixby

The Galaxy Note20 series gives users more control over their watching  experience with Bixby voice control. Seamlessly switch to a TV screen via Smart View/ Screen Mirroring by telling Bixby: “Play this show on TV” or switch back by saying “Play this show on mobile again” for a smooth, continuous viewing experience.


Retail Prices


You may want to check out how much is the retail prices of the new phones. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra retails at PHP 67,990 for the LTE version. The 5G variant is available at PHP 72,990 through Globe and Smart. Customers can choose between Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black.


On the other hand, the Galaxy Note20 is priced at PHP 53,990 for the LTE version. Its 5G variant, available through Globe and Smart, is priced at PHP 58,990 and comes in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green, or Mystic Gray.


Samsung Promos


There are various treats for you if you buy your Samsung’ Note20 series now.


Ø Zero-percent on installment up to 36 months, via participating credit cards;


Ø “Trade-in, Save up” Program;


Ø Free 1st month installment if you used your PNB card;


Ø P4,000.00 Cashback Program;


Ø Galaxy Note20 series purchased until September 15, 2020 will have a free 1 year Samsung Care+ protection


Final Thoughts


The Galaxy Note20 series bring a lot of possibilities in our life.  The innovative features that are incorporated in the new phones transform our current work and play set up to a whole new level.

To know more about the newest power phone, visit

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