Friday, September 4, 2020

10 Dog Essentials For a Heathy and Happy Dog

Owning a dog is not easy. I should know because we have two cute and loving furbabies.

Dogs have their own needs. You have to provide them with food, shampoo, vitamins, grooming, and regular vet check-up.

You also have to prepare something for the occasional vet consultation and the medicines that go with it when your dogs are not feeling well. 

You have to include their needs in your budget.

Sometimes, it drains your pocket. But you won't regret it. Seeing their tails wiggling, excitedly waiting for you at the door entrance when you arrived home is priceless.

Want to make your furbabies happier?

Here are the top 10 dog essentials you need to have for happy and healthy furbabies.

10 Dog Essentials

1. Pet Bed Relax

This is an ideal relaxation bed for your cats and dogs. You can place it in any corner of your house - in the garage or porch. The bed frame is made of resistant aluminum with foldable legs for minimum space storage when not in use. 

2. Elevated Heavy Duty Bed

Your canine friend will feel comfortable lounging with this elevated bed. Since it lifts your dog off the floor, air can circulate underneath, so he feels not too hot nor too cold. 

3. Paw Smart Pet Fur Blower

This heavy-duty pet hairdryer and blower is perfect when you are grooming your pet at home. It comes with four different nozzle sizes so this is good for any size of pets.

4. Uddez Food Dispensers

Dispensers provide the ideal storage solution for pet food and birdseed. It keeps the pet food fresh and clean.   

5. Male Dog Wrap/Disposable Diapers

Male dogs are territorial. They tend to place their pee wherever they want it. Using this special disposable wrap will eliminate stinky odor inside your house or in the car. 

6. The Moderna Sky Bar

This is a two-in-one raised dog bowl that makes your dog eat and drink comfortably. It places less strain on your pets’ neck, hips, shoulders, and joints, which promotes better posture.

7. True Touch Five Fingers Deshedding Glove

Dogs shed regularly. Pet that hair away with this de-shedding gloves from True Touch.

8. Pet-Tabs

Correct your dog’s nutritional deficiencies by giving them this vitamin and mineral supplement, which will help maintain your dogs’ nutritional balance. 

9. Mycocide Shampoo

Stock on this anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo, so you are ready when your dogs and cats show signs of skin infections cause by yeast and bacteria.

10. Soft Recovery Cone

Plastic lamp shade cone hinders dog mobility and very inconvenient. Now, there is a new and better variety, which is lightweight, soft, and flexible. Your dogs will love it. 

Final Thoughts

Stocking up on these dog essentials shows that you are a responsible dog owner and your dog will love you more for that.

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  1. These are nice, sir. Keeping a dog also involves maintenance cost because, well, they are also family. They need to be healthy and comfortable as well.

  2. Great list of essentials! It is good to know what to get for your dog.


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