Celebrities Bianca Gonzalez and Erwan Heussaff share how the Samsung Galaxy Note20 allows them to take control of their lives

Thursday, December 10, 2020

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The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series empowers #TeamGalaxy ambassadors Bianca Gonzalez and Erwan Heussaff to thrive despite the challenges. 

In their videos, Bianca and Erwan share how Samsung’s powerphones help them be more creative and productive.

Bianca believes in "controlling the controllables.” When feeling overwhelmed and anxious, she chooses to focus her energy and effort on the things she can manage. 

She uses the Galaxy Note20 Ultra to find different ways of doing things, learning new crafts, and uncovering her power to work and play.

Meanwhile, Erwan relies on technology to create his content even if he is miles away from the Philippines. 

He uses the Galaxy Note20 Ultra to research and develop recipes, coordinate with his team in Manila for shoots, and even draw plating concepts with the S Pen. 

Heussaff reveals in his video how he also makes the most of technology for his family.

Watch how Gonzalez and Heussaff stay empowered amid the new normal. Watch Gonzalez’s video at www.instagram.com/p/CINiqGEBFjw/ . View Heussaff’s video at www.instagram.com/p/CIchWmDD6S8/ .

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3 Reasons Why SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 is a suitable device for students in the new normal

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A key factor in the success of online learning is having the right device. A gadget with suitable specs paired with a stable internet connection can make online classes easier for students to learn in the new normal.

Samsung aims to make online learning more accessible, comfortable, and fun with the Galaxy Tab A7. This newest tablet comes with easy-to-use-features perfect for digital learning.

Here's why you should own a Galaxy Tab A7 for online learning:

1. A student’s window to the classroom

Since a bulk of e-learning takes place in video conferencing platforms, using a tablet is an attractive choice for students because it is portable, comes with a big screen, and offers long-lasting battery life.

The Galaxy Tab A7 has a 10.4” WUXGA+ display and Dolby Atmos quad speakers for an immersive learning experience when studying or attending online classes. It comes with a 5MP front-facing landscape-oriented camera optimized for video calls, so students can seamlessly participate in the digital classroom. 

The best part is that children can stay online the whole day and parents won’t have to worry about power, as the tablet features a long-lasting 7,040 mAh battery and 15W fast charging support. Its price tag is also lighter on the pocket than most laptops and personal computers, making it ideal for families working on a tight budget. 

Moreover, the shift to online learning requires students to download and access numerous modules, and the Galaxy Tab A7 is ready to meet the demand for bigger space. The tablet comes with an internal storage of 64GB, which can be expanded up to 1TB using a micro SD card.

2. A powerful tool for enhancing creativity

The Galaxy Tab A7 also allows learners to download numerous apps for reading, writing, creativity, or well-being through the pre-installed Google Apps and Google Playstore. 

Visual learners can use the tablet to go on “virtual field trips” through tour videos on YouTube and educational films on Netflix, while readers can download e-books and modules. 

For more audio-oriented learners, they can choose to listen to countless educational podcasts on Spotify.

Meanwhile, younger students can enjoy Samsung Kids, which is home to a range of educational and kid-friendly content for a safe and fun digital learning experience. 

It also allows parents to set restrictions on children’s time usage and receive reports to track activity. Additionally, the tablet helps put parents’ minds at ease as it comes with multi-layered security from Samsung Knox. 

3. A Galaxy of experiences within reach

The Galaxy Tab A7 can be connected to a Galaxy smartphone for easier file and data sharing, which is useful for sending important school files like notes, modules, and presentations. 

Meanwhile, the Auto Hotspot feature can easily share data from a smartphone even without an internet connection.

Parents can now protect their Galaxy devices with an exclusive promo on Samsung Care+. Customers who buy the Galaxy Tab A7 are entitled to Samsung’s mobile care plan for 12 or 24 months at 20% off. Promo is valid at any authorized Samsung Dealers nationwide until December 31, 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is now available nationwide for a suggested retail price of PHP 16,990 and comes in Dark Gray and Gold. 

Know more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 at samsung.com/ph.

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Keeping our Home Clean and Pollution-Free with these 3 Easy Steps

Monday, December 7, 2020

Many believe that most pollutants can be found outside our homes. It is always a challenge when unclean air and dust can easily enter the home through opened windows and doors.

Besides, viruses and bacteria can latch onto almost anything and be brought anywhere and everywhere, making it more difficult for us to maintain a healthy environment for our family.

To keep our house clean and hygienic, here are three ways that we can do to keep our living space clean and pollution-free: 

1. Minimize bringing in pollution into our home

Sometimes, there are moments when key members of the house have to take essential trips outside or run personal errands. Hence, there are many instances when fine particles of dust, bacteria, and germs stick onto the clothes’ fibers. So it’s crucial to make it a habit to wash both hands and change out of clothes before plopping onto the couch or bed to relax. 

Samsung’s AirDresser come in handy for those with plenty of clothes that require regular steaming, ironing, or dry cleaning.

With its Jet Air system and Air Hangers, powerful jets of air can remove dust off clothes inside and out. At the same time, the JetSteam feature infuses high-temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes, removing up to 99% of certain viruses and bacteria, house mites, allergens, odor-causing gases, and other harmful substances. 

2. Keep the floor squeaky clean

Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can accumulate quickly on the floor. Thus, daily vacuuming should be the first line of defense in preventing dust build-ups. It usually requires heavier and more comprehensive vacuuming for rooms with carpets at least twice a week. The carpet’s fibers can trap dust, dirt, allergens, and absorb grime and spills, giving way to bacteria. 

To make vacuuming less of a headache, it is ideal to invest in a cordless vacuum to let go of the need to search for an available socket in every room. 

The Samsung Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning almost an effortless task. Thanks to its Digital Inverter Motor that consistently maintains a high level of energy efficiency while sustaining an industry-leading suction power of up to 150W. 

Besides, Samsung’s five-layer filtration system can capture up to 99.999% of micro dust particles, including 0.3~10μm sized particles and allergens, to help keep the house spotless and the health of homeowners in check. 

Another good thing about the Samsung Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum is that there’s no need to worry about having to forcefully drag the vacuum along by its wheels to reach every nook and corner of the house. 

With its handheld model that only weighs 1.45kg, there would be a lesser strain on the wrist, and this bothersome household chore can now be turned into a more convenient and efficient activity. Days at home can be made better with floors that are dust and dirt free all day. 

3. Maintain good air quality at home 

With most people spending more time at home these days, maintaining good indoor air quality has never been more important. It’s a good thing that there’s a foolproof and quick way to clean and keep the air hygienic, and that is to consider when buying an air purifier. 

Samsung Air Purifiers can capture up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust and even bacteria to help combat seasonal allergies and make old air new again. 

The air purifiers have three distinct filters that house a multi-layered purification system designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases, and inhibit the spread of captured bacteria. 

Even when outside, air quality can be remotely controlled with Samsung’s SmartThings app making fresh indoor air available anytime. 

With health and hygiene taking a higher priority during this period, it pays to put more attention to ensuring that the house is kept clean as much as possible. 

Practice taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of transmission and contamination by steaming the clothes more often, vacuuming almost all the surfaces at home, and keeping the air inside purified, for a healthier environment for the whole family, especially during the holidays.

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