Monday, March 22, 2021

Protect Your Family and Home with These 5 Fire Safety Tips

This Fire Prevention Month, learn how to prepare your family and keep them safe to avoid disaster from striking.

Did you know that an average of 42 fire incidents occurs in the Philippines daily? This amounts to around ₱4.65 billion worth of damage every year. According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, the top causes of fire outbreaks in the Philippines are faulty electrical connections, lighted cigarette butts, and open flames.

Since most of us are staying home with our families during this time, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our haven and sanctuary remains free from such health hazards. This Fire Prevention Month, educate yourself and your family on fire safety measures. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are five fire prevention measures you need to take.

1. Install smoke alarms

First things first: install a smoke alarm. These alarms can detect fire way before your nose can smell smoke. Early detection can save your house—and your loved ones’ lives.

Install smoke alarms on every floor, including inside bedrooms and living areas. Mount each unit on the ceiling or high up on walls. Don’t forget to test these out every month and change the batteries every year. You don’t want them to fail you when a fire actually breaks out. After ten years of use, replace each unit.

Try: X-SENSE Smoke Alarm, ₱1,500

2. Get fire extinguishers or blankets ready

Did you know that using water to extinguish fires isn’t fool-proof? Since oil and water don’t mix, using the latter to extinguish grease fires can actually cause it to spread. Additionally, water conducts electricity and you can get electrocuted if you try to douse an electrical fire.

Instead, invest in a fire extinguisher or fire blanket. Confused about which one to use? Smother smaller fires in the kitchen with a fire blanket. They’re less messy and won’t damage food items in your kitchen. For bigger, harder-to-reach fires, use a fire extinguisher. Make sure they’re available on each floor. Place them near the kitchen, garage, and any other exit routes.

Try: Daytech Fire Blanket, ₱489

3.  Avoid open flames

Does your weekend pamper routine feature scented candles? Place your candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface, preferably at a distance from your bed, curtains, and other flammable items. To avoid flare-ups, light them far away from aircon vents or electric fans.

You might feel relaxed and ready for bed with soothing scents, but never doze off and leave your candles unattended. Consider switching to battery-operated candles if you have kids and pets who might accidentally knock them over.

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4.  Keep all appliances in working order

If you’ve been squeezing the last ounce of life out of your old appliances, it’s time to put them to rest. You’re not saving money by continuing to use rickety appliances until they give out. The faulty machinery and frayed cables pose a fire hazard. A fire outbreak will end up being more expensive than a new appliance.

Most home fires start in the kitchen, so keep cooking appliances, in particular, functioning properly. For malfunctioning appliances, don’t attempt to use and call in a repairman as soon as possible. Replace if needed.

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5.  Create a fire escape plan

In the same way you practice fire drills at school or at the office, your family should craft its own home fire escape plan as well.

Establish primary and alternative escape routes from the house and pick at least two meeting spots in case family members get separated from each other. Teach everyone the Stop, Drop, and Roll method in the event that their clothes catch fire. Lastly, buy an emergency medical kit you can easily grab on your way out of the house.

Try: Mediplast Emergency Kit, ₱465

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm with these doable tips. Taking such exhaustive measures might feel excessive, but as with everything else, prevention is better than cure. For emergencies, call the National Emergency Hotline at 911, or the Philippine Red Cross at 143.

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  1. That is crazy 42 fire incidents happen daily. I don't know how many happen here, but I feel like I need to create a plan just in case.

  2. Thank you for these tips. In the end, never underestimate the havoc that fire can do. As such, it's good to protect ourselves at all costs.

  3. These are great tips. We are in the process of getting certified to be foster parents,and we had to do all of these steps. They could save someone's life!

  4. I think creating a fire escape plan is a great idea and I'm not sure if many people do this.

  5. Always good to be ready in an emergency! Thank you for the reminder! Going to check the smoke alarms!!

  6. It's always important to have fire prevention strategies in place, i think the best ones are having an instant smoke detector and having an escape plan

  7. My mom is such an emergency freak, and for a good reason. I agree with all of these. Especially fire extinguishers. We never forget to get it refilled too. Also, insurance. Home insurances are not expensive, and I'm sure it will help alot, in case something happens.

  8. I think always practicing your fire escape plan regularly is super important and making sure it is a sound plan. Practice always make it safer!

  9. Accidents with fire can happen so quickly. It is very important we take as many precautions as possible to prevent it from happening and the spread of it.


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