Cashless Scan and Pay Method Using ShopeePay

Friday, May 21, 2021


We should appreciate the benefits of the cashless payment system now more than ever. It allows us to pay for our purchases by directly debiting our bank accounts or mobile wallets. This new payment scheme is safer and efficient, considering the health risks we are facing now because of the pandemic.

As more Filipinos use digital payment channels, ShopeePay, Shopee's mobile wallet, partners with ten lifestyle brands to provide users contactless in-store payments. Consumers can use the ShopeePay app at National Bookstore, Penshoppe, Sebago, Kipling, Digital Walker, MemoXpress, Puregold, Newstar Shopping Mart, OXGN, and Regatta. 


How to Pay using the ShopeePay app


Paying thru the ShopeePay app is easy. You don't need to carry cash to buy your favorite pants or shoes. Just follow the following steps to complete your shopping transaction:


Here are the two easy ways to Scan and Pay using ShopeePay:


A. Partner merchant scans user's QR code:


  1. The user opens the Shopee app and taps the "Scan" icon
  2. Click 'Generate QR Code'
  3. Enter ShopeePay PIN
  4. User shows the generated QR cde for the cashier to scan and waits for confirmation of payment 

B. User scans the partner merchant's QR code:  


  1. The user opens the Shopee app and taps the "Scan" icon;
  2. Scan the QR code prominently displayed on the shop's tabletop card;
  3. Key in the amount to pay and tap "Confirm."
  4. The user enters a 6-digit ShopeePay PIN and waits for confirmation of payment.

For a more rewarding experience, users who pay with ShopeePay via QR code for in-store purchases will get 20% coins rebate* (up to a maximum of ₱500 coins) until June 20, 2021.


Moreover, ShopeePay users can conveniently top up their accounts using their bank cards or other available channels to enjoy in-store payments more. 

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Users can also enjoy the following benefits from May 24 - 27 during Shopee's 6.6 ShopeePay Cashless Festival deals: 


  • Free shipping vouchers - (with ₱199 min spend and daily 15% cashback deals)
  • ₱1 deals from your popular brands (such as Jollibee, McDonald's, Chowking, Bonchon, and Domino's 
  • ₱10 data for ₱1 for new digital buyers, and ₱5 load for ₱1 for all users
  • Up to 25% cashback on Bills Payment 

Please click here to know more information about Shopee's Scan and Pay. Check out the details about the 6.6 ShopeePay Cashless Festival thru this linkYou may download the Shopee app via the App Store or Google Play. 

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Mega Clean Vs Ready Clean: What Are the Differences & Advantages of Each?

Friday, May 14, 2021

Your body deals with daily doses of toxins from the foods and drinks you ingest, the air you breathe in, the surfaces you touch and more. Most of these toxins can be filtered out through the body's natural systems, such as the kidneys and liver.

If you want to get a complete detox cleanse and clear out the rest of your body's impurities, you may need some help with special cleansing products Mega Clean and Ready Clean. These cleanses give your body a big boost in clearing out the impurities and toxins you are exposed to from pollution, germs and bacteria.

Learn more about each product and the pros and cons of using them to cleanse your body.

What Is Mega Clean?

Embrace a cleaner, healthier you with our multisystem herbal cleanses. 
Save 20% on all Detoxify Herbal Cleanses. 
No promo code required.

A popular cleanse that may help your body clear out toxins and impurities is Mega Clean. The active ingredients in Mega Clean include burdock root, milk thistle, stinging nettle and uva ursi.

These cleansing ingredients work together to remove toxins and help you feel your best. Mega Clean also has natural sources of caffeine in its formula to give your body an energy boost during your cleanse. The sources of caffeine are taurine, guarana seed and American ginseng root.

Mega Clean offers a way to get a convenient cleanse in one day instead of committing to a cleansing routine for days at a time or weeks.

Customers who use Mega Clean report better results with the product if they do a pre-cleanse routine before the day of their cleanse. During the cleanse, it's best to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and energetic.

Additionally, when doing a cleanse, you can continue to eat regular meals, as long as they are light and include fruits, vegetables and fiber.

The ingredients in this formula all support removing toxins from the body and boosting your energy while doing the cleanse. Research shows burdock root can remove pollutants from the bloodstream and help with circulation.

Milk thistle is linked to giving the body's liver some help with toxin removal. Stinging nettle may give the kidneys some cleansing assistance with taking out waste and reducing fluid retention. Uva ursi is also an ingredient that helps remove the body's waste products.

What Is Ready Clean?

Embrace a cleaner, healthier you with our multisystem herbal cleanses. 
Save 20% on all Detoxify Herbal Cleanses. 
No promo code required.

Another option for those who want a flushing cleanse for their body is Ready Clean. Ready Clean features many of the same active ingredients as Mega Clean, but without the caffeine stimulant effect. It has burdock root, milk thistle, stinging nettle and uva ursi.

For people who are sensitive to caffeine or prefer a formula without any added ingredients, Ready Clean may be a good option. For optimal results, you can try a digestive detox product the day before using Ready Clean.

Ready Clean is also a cleansing product that can be used for a one-day toxin flush instead of a lengthy plan that takes days. It's important to drink plenty of water when using Ready Clean and continue to eat a light diet of fruit, vegetables and foods rich in fiber.

What is the best cleansing detox product?

If you are feeling sluggish and not yourself, a cleansing detox product may help give you a boost in energy. Both Ready Clean and Mega Clean help your body flush out waste and give you a little reset.

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5 Exciting Mother's Day Gifts Your Wife (or Your Mom) Will Surely Love

Friday, May 7, 2021

We are celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow. Time to greet our wife or our mother for their inherent strength and love. Being supermoms, they can juggle career, family, and household responsibilities like a pro.

When most of us stay home right now, our wife strives to live well, run the house smoothly and make sure the whole family is happy. They give their time and even sacrifice their well-being and happiness to make sure our kids are healthy and safe.

It is more important than ever, during these uncertain times, to show your esteem for your loved ones. So, go out and pamper the queen of the house this Mother's Day – she deserves to do it!

Tomorrow, May 9, check out Shopee’s Mother’s Day Sale, where you can treat your wife to everyday luxuries and functional must-haves, with discounts up to 90% off:

1. Help your mom look bright-eyed and wide-awake for all her online meetings with Wet N Wild Mascara. Its formula lifts, separates and extends lashes minus the clumping and smudging. This works perfectly for date nights with you too!

 Sometimes moms forget to take care of themselves. Remind her to prioritize self-care with Pure Marine Collagen Peptides. This gluten-free, keto-friendly powder helps build bone strength, reduces joint pain, and stabilizes blood sugar.

3.  Chores tend to eat up time, so free up a few precious minutes for your wife by giving her fuss-free, easy-to-use kitchen appliances. With
Oster Personal Blender’s powerful 250-watt motor, she can quickly and effortlessly concoct smoothies for the whole family.

4. After long, stressful hours of work and chores, your wife deserves to indulge in a relaxing skincare sesh. Give her the gift of youth with Olay Whip Cream + Essence. This non-sticky, moisturizing skincare set reduces dark spots and wrinkles, allowing your mom to flaunt a fresher and brighter complexion.

5.  Lastly, treat her to hydrating body care basics. Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion contains natural oatmeal and rich emollients to provide moisture for 24 hours. It’s also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-recommended.

For other product recommendations for your favorite lady, click here.

Don’t forget to top up your ShopeePay for more deals on your purchases this Mother’s Day! Use ShopeePay at checkout to enjoy free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱199 and 8% cashback sitewide with a minimum spend of ₱1,000.

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Shopee also offers plenty of fun, informative mom content this Mother’s Day. Shopee Mom's Club members can look forward to exclusive deals and discounts up to 90% off on brands such as J&J, Wyeth, Nestle Nutrition, Pampers, Tiny Buds, Huggies, Unilever, Mamypoko, Enfagrow, Unicare, Nestle, Alaska, Orange and Peach, Nursery Van, Breeze, and GSK. For sign-ups, visit

For an interactive discussion on the topic “A Mother’s Love is Like Calpol, Tough & Gentle,” hosted by Jolina Magdangal, tune in to Shopee Live this May 9, 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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Doing our Routine Under the New Normal

Thursday, May 6, 2021

We have to live amidst the pandemic. We need to buy our food, go to the groceries and do all sorts of errands. But we have to observe safety precautions to avoid getting the deadly disease.

In today's fast-paced environment, there is no room for slowpokes. We maintain a hectic schedule for the week. These include attending our small café shop where we serve some meals and snacks, six days a week.

And during Sundays, we do the groceries for the next week, eat a decent meal for lunch, and take out for dinner.

So, you may think, we are not health-conscious because we can't even squeeze everything we should accomplish given the limited time. Think again.


Our Health Gear


Our days are going to continue to be different. There are new strains discovered, and the virus continues to mutate. It is hard to tell if the person you are facing is a COVD 19-carrier.


Leaving the house without our face mask, face shield, and alcohol is like jumping on a helicopter without a parachute. So, I make sure we have this set ready as we close the door.


Health experts tell us that the most common way of COVID 19 infection is through human interaction. When a COVID 19 positive coughs, sneezes, or talks, his respiratory droplets go in the air and can travel about six feet. If you are nearby, it could land in your mouth or nose.  


Asymptomatic persons can also spread the virus. Those who do not know they have it because there are no symptoms. Clearly, wearing a face mask helps slow down the spread of the virus.


Ilwoul Hygienic Mask


Throughout this challenging time, we have changed the way we think about hygiene and how we should do everything at our disposal to stay safe and healthy. This includes wearing a face mask that guarantees a safe face-covering against airborne disease, including the coronavirus.

So, when my wife introduced me to Ilwoul face mask, I immediately noticed the significant difference against the regular face mask. By the way, Ilwoul is a Korean-based company. So, you might have an idea why my pretty wife was interested in using the face mask.  


So, these are what I found out about the product.


  1. The mask is individually wrapped, making it more hygienic.  Usually, the regular face masks are packed in a box. When you get a piece from the box, you may touch the other pieces with your hands. Isn't it that our hands are the dirtiest part of our body. Instead of preventing contamination, you may end up getting the virus by your hand touching the unus

  2. The mask is easy to use and adjustable. You can get the direction on how to put on the mask on the package. Adjusting it effectively will give you a secure fit from your nose, cheeks, and under the chin, making no room for your droplets to come out. Thus, the spread of the virus is prevented. 
  3. You can breathe comfortably while wearing the mask. Because it has a 3D design system, your mouth doesn't touch the covering. When there is no hindrance to your mouth, breathing is easy.
  4. It is reusable 20 times.The best part, you can save a few pesos because you can reuse it 20 times. While it may seem pricey, you can save in the long run because it is reusable.Just soak the mask in a 1:1 solution of alcohol and water for 5 minutes and air dry. Then, you can use it the next day like it is brand new.
  5. The product is FDA-approved.  We all know that when a regulating body stamps its approval on the product, it passed through a series of tests and scrutiny. Therefore, we can say that the Ilwoul face mask is safe to use and is one of the most effective face masks available.



Final Thoughts


Fighting the virus seems like an eternity. But it doesn't mean we will surrender. We have all the means to fight back. Using FDA-approved products like the Ilwoul Face Mask will keep us from getting or transmitting the dreaded disease.

Ilwoul products are available on sale at the 5.5 Brand Festival of Shopee. You may click this link to access the store. or you may visit the Shopee store here. The 5.5 Brands Festival is ongoing. Get discounts and other irresistible deals from various brands.

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How to Dress Casual in the Workplace in 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021

When I was in the corporate world many years ago, dressing up is a must. I would spend hours on a meeting with my boss or the whole afternoon with colleagues discussing a future project. I cannot afford to look bad in front of them.

They say that how you project your professional business look reflects how much you care for your career. That is very true. Your clothes show how your colleagues and subordinates would respect you.

Modern Men’s Business Attire

Men’s business attire has significantly changed over the years. Before, business executives were very stiff in their black coat and tie ensemble. In recent years though, men’s office wear is a lot more casual and laid-back.

That’s a good thing. I had a more relaxed office atmosphere, which promotes rapport and efficiency. Plus, it gave me more space to express my personality.

I prefer to come into the office in a modernized version of our Barong Tagalog in short sleeves to achieve a more casual look.   I picked the ones made from soft linen or cotton.  The embroidery should be conservative. The cut is on the slimmer silhouette side so as not to flatter my big size. Neat formal pants and black leather shoes completed my style.

On Fridays, I went a bit down farther by donning a collared shirt and maong jeans. Then, I finished the look with a pair of boat shoes.

On top of this, I do not forget to wear my favorite wristwatch and a leather belt. Wearing these personal add-ons is perfect for expressing my unique style and enhancing my overall look.

Bostanten watches, leather belts and other products are on Sale during Shopees' 5.5 BrandDay Festival.

Selecting the Best Accessories

Speaking of accessories, your choice of a wristwatch can make or break your overall look. While it may seem just like an accessory and a fashion statement, it talks more about your personality – how you are particular about quality, craftsmanship, and time.

Always on the lookout for timepieces that are classic in design, affordable, and functional. If you have these qualities on your watch, then you’re destined to be popular and respected in the workplace.

Elevate your Brand

This is the right time to level up your styling. Check out Shopee’s 5.5 Brands Festival now, until May 05, 2021.

Ditch out your old and outdated attires and shop for items to achieve your casual office look. Get discounts and flash deals from 50% to 90%. You may also avail of exclusive perks from ShopeePay, all-day free shipping, and 55% cashback.

Grab this chance to invest in an excellent timepiece to give your styling a complete make-over. 

Always be on style with products.  Enjoy up to 90% discount on your favorite products. Check out their shop here or you may access this link

Visit Shopee to know more about the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival. or download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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7 Car Cleaning Hacks For a Brand New Looking Car

Sunday, May 2, 2021

How you keep your car says a lot about you. Therefore, regular car cleaning is essential.

For someone who is always on the go, I reserve my Sundays to clean my car personally. I also allot one Sunday every month to visit my favorite car wash station for the car’s regular detailing session.

Do you want to know my secrets in keeping a spic and span family car?

Learning how to clean your car and getting the most from washing, waxing, and polishing effort isn’t just vanity. It is an effective way to maintain your car’s value and ensure you get the best price for selling it in the future.

1. Use the right car shampoo.

If you think you can save a few pesos by using your regular laundry powder for cleaning your car, think again. The linen soap contains harmful formulations that may damage your car’s paint finish.

Instead, use car shampoo for that DIY car wash. I use a two-in-one shampoo and wax. This way, the surface is protected as you wash the vehicle.

2. Use chamois to dry the car exterior.

Do not allow excess water from your car exterior to air-dry. Otherwise, water marks will appear on the surface. Often, these are more difficult to remove than dirt and dust.

I use chamois to carefully remove all droplets from the paintwork, leaving the surface looking clean and clear.

3. Clean the windows, including the top portion.

I hate to see smears on my car’s glass window. It is pretty annoying and ugly. One simple tip to avoid unsightly marks on your glass surface is to wind down the window and clean the top-most and side portions.

I use a glass surface cleaner for this purpose. While using a car shampoo will fulfill its purpose, a unique formulation for glass surfaces will achieve that professional-looking finish. Dry the windows immediately to avoid water marks.

4. Remove swirl marks with a decent polishing cream.

Swirl marks are fine lines in your car’s exterior. It is caused by using the wrong kind of sponge or using a dirty one. The best way to get rid of swirl marks is to use quality car polish.

5. Clean the car’s interior with a vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of unsightly dust and other particles in your car’s interior. Slide the seats backward or forward to make sure you clean the hidden surface.

Don’t forget to vacuum the seats and the carpets below the mat, including the dash and door panels.

6. Protect your dash, door panels, and other rubber, vinyl, and leather materials inside your car.

For this purpose, I use a special dashboard polish that beautifully shines and protects the materials from sunlight and scratches.

7. Visit your favorite car wash station once a month.

Taking care of our car gives me a certain feeling of fulfillment. Still, sometimes it is disappointing to see stubborn dirt stuck on places I can hardly reach, especially those beneath the car’s floor.

This time, I need a professional help. I bring the vehicle to my favorite car wash station for monthly under-chassis wash and other detailing procedures.

Pro Tip: Never leave your car to the care of the car wash station. It would help if you are around, inspecting the vehicle while it is cleaned to ensure that the attendant is doing the right thing.

Final thoughts

Many people think that being too detail-oriented with your car is self-absorbing. But the truth is maintaining your car is extremely important in preserving it. Most cars depreciate naturally, but cleaning can extend its life and, in turn, preserves its value longer.

But more than the aesthetic side of maintaining a spotless car, it is also wise to look at the safety and roadworthiness of our vehicle. According to statistics, we are likely to get in a car accident approximately once every 18 years.

Of course we don't want that to happen. As a responsible car owner, we should do anything we can to avoid traffic accidents. The best way to deal with the situation is to get the best car insurance in the Philippines to cover for personal accidents and on-damage claim. We can choose the insurance coverage suited to our needs and budget.

Driving with a shiny car like it just came out from car manufacturer plant is confidence but travelling with clean car plus the best car insurance coverage is about trust and safety.

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Big Brands Share How Shopee Supports their Business


The pandemic causes significant changes in consumer shopping behavior. Brands increase their marketing efforts to expand their e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, South-East Asia's leading e-commerce platform, and Taiwan. 

With the spread of digital transformation among online shoppers, three brands share how they remain a top-of-the-art player in the digital space by supporting Shopee's ecosystem.



Unilever continuously optimized its marketing strategy based on the most relevant for shoppers and which will help address their current needs. 


The brand provides Philippine shoppers with secure access through Shopee to a wide array of personalized care, home care, and food products. 


Shoppers can now provide timely feedback to enhance their shopping experience online. They can also maximize the entire range of in-app solutions on the Shopee Platform, like search, business affiliations, and livelihoods. 


With these strategies, Unilever has recorded a 23x increase in orders during their Beauty Super Brand Day campaign in August 2020 and has achieved a 15x increase in shop views.


This growth was even transcended into their 'Malasakit for all' mission to help Filipinos affected by the pandemic. Unilever contributed to the first Shopee Bayanihan Frontliner package in 2020 to increase aid to the Filipino frontliners.


Jackie Manago Nepomuceno, Digital Commerce Marketing at Unilever Philippines, said, "We see Shopee as a strategic partner in driving a streamlined shopping experience for the omnichannel shopper."

"We partner closely with retailers, such as Shopee, in making our brands and products available for purchase. Through strong collaboration, we can design a unique, relevant, and seamless shopping experience with new and existing shoppers."


Clothing brand INSPI launched an official Shopee store to reach a broader target market and interact more with their shoppers. INSPI can now deliver new and best-selling products to more than 625 000 followers on its account, using Shopee's informative sales center and interactive in-app features such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed.

They also used these features during major campaigns to show the best deals. The brand recorded 13 times more orders on its Super Brand Day last October than on average.

Kathryn Joyce Navalta, Senior Account Officer at INSPI, said, "Our partnership with Shopee has boosted our brand's growth, despite the ongoing pandemic. "

"Shopee's innovative in-app features helped us reach more shoppers and better engage with them regularly. We will continue to work with Shopee to provide our shoppers with the best shopping experience."



OPPO, the world's leading smart device company regards its partnership with Shopee as an opportunity for the e-commerce industry to exploit its ecosystem to its fullest advantage. 


They are now in an exciting position to reach a whole new audience via in-app marketing tools like live streams, chats, and Shopee Feed. As shown during the Shopee's Super Brand Day last September 2020, OPPO has enjoyed considerable success on the platform, where sales were 17 times higher.


Jenny Liu, Operations Director at OPPO Philippines, said, "Our partnership with Shopee allows us to keep growing and satisfying our customers even with targeted efforts. We know the importance of gaining the full trust of our shoppers, and will keep refining our online store on Shopee to provide the best services and products."


Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippinessaid, "We are glad to see our brand partners like Unilever, OPPO, and INSPI achieve significant growth since joining our platform. We leave no stone unturned in finding innovative ways to support our partners' growth, and this is how we commit to supporting our partner brands through their e-commerce journey." 


To provide customers more ways to access brands easily, the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival is happening until May 5. There will be discounts up to 90% off, flash deals up to 50% off, free shipping without minimum spend, and 50% cashback from crowd favorites such as OPPO, Vivo, Realme, Colgate, Abbott, L’Oreal Paris, Enfagrow, Procter & Gamble, Olay, Unilever, Nestle, Colourette Cosmetics, and Maybelline.


Shoppers can also expect exclusive perks from ShopeePay. Get all-day free shipping vouchers and 55% cashback, both with no minimum spend. Buy ₱10 worth of data for ₱1, ₱5 load for only ₱1, and ₱10 load for only ₱5 with ShopeePay. Pay bills on Shopee and get up to 25% cashback, capped at 150 coins.  


For more information on the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival, visit Download the Shopee app for free via

the App Store or Google Play.

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