Sunday, May 2, 2021

7 Car Cleaning Hacks For a Brand New Looking Car

How you keep your car says a lot about you. Therefore, regular car cleaning is essential.

For someone who is always on the go, I reserve my Sundays to clean my car personally. I also allot one Sunday every month to visit my favorite car wash station for the car’s regular detailing session.

Do you want to know my secrets in keeping a spic and span family car?

Learning how to clean your car and getting the most from washing, waxing, and polishing effort isn’t just vanity. It is an effective way to maintain your car’s value and ensure you get the best price for selling it in the future.

1. Use the right car shampoo.

If you think you can save a few pesos by using your regular laundry powder for cleaning your car, think again. The linen soap contains harmful formulations that may damage your car’s paint finish.

Instead, use car shampoo for that DIY car wash. I use a two-in-one shampoo and wax. This way, the surface is protected as you wash the vehicle.

2. Use chamois to dry the car exterior.

Do not allow excess water from your car exterior to air-dry. Otherwise, water marks will appear on the surface. Often, these are more difficult to remove than dirt and dust.

I use chamois to carefully remove all droplets from the paintwork, leaving the surface looking clean and clear.

3. Clean the windows, including the top portion.

I hate to see smears on my car’s glass window. It is pretty annoying and ugly. One simple tip to avoid unsightly marks on your glass surface is to wind down the window and clean the top-most and side portions.

I use a glass surface cleaner for this purpose. While using a car shampoo will fulfill its purpose, a unique formulation for glass surfaces will achieve that professional-looking finish. Dry the windows immediately to avoid water marks.

4. Remove swirl marks with a decent polishing cream.

Swirl marks are fine lines in your car’s exterior. It is caused by using the wrong kind of sponge or using a dirty one. The best way to get rid of swirl marks is to use quality car polish.

5. Clean the car’s interior with a vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of unsightly dust and other particles in your car’s interior. Slide the seats backward or forward to make sure you clean the hidden surface.

Don’t forget to vacuum the seats and the carpets below the mat, including the dash and door panels.

6. Protect your dash, door panels, and other rubber, vinyl, and leather materials inside your car.

For this purpose, I use a special dashboard polish that beautifully shines and protects the materials from sunlight and scratches.

7. Visit your favorite car wash station once a month.

Taking care of our car gives me a certain feeling of fulfillment. Still, sometimes it is disappointing to see stubborn dirt stuck on places I can hardly reach, especially those beneath the car’s floor.

This time, I need a professional help. I bring the vehicle to my favorite car wash station for monthly under-chassis wash and other detailing procedures.

Pro Tip: Never leave your car to the care of the car wash station. It would help if you are around, inspecting the vehicle while it is cleaned to ensure that the attendant is doing the right thing.

Final thoughts

Many people think that being too detail-oriented with your car is self-absorbing. But the truth is maintaining your car is extremely important in preserving it. Most cars depreciate naturally, but cleaning can extend its life and, in turn, preserves its value longer.

But more than the aesthetic side of maintaining a spotless car, it is also wise to look at the safety and roadworthiness of our vehicle. According to statistics, we are likely to get in a car accident approximately once every 18 years.

Of course we don't want that to happen. As a responsible car owner, we should do anything we can to avoid traffic accidents. The best way to deal with the situation is to get the best car insurance in the Philippines to cover for personal accidents and on-damage claim. We can choose the insurance coverage suited to our needs and budget.

Driving with a shiny car like it just came out from car manufacturer plant is confidence but travelling with clean car plus the best car insurance coverage is about trust and safety.

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  1. My car is a mess and I didn't know were to start! This is perfect

  2. These are the awesome tips about cleaning looking new car hoping to have my own car someday nice post!

  3. this post is after my heart and you have covered all important and salient aspects so well. You have also indicated the kind of material to use for the various parts which is so useful indeed.

  4. It took me awhile to find the perfect car shampoo mainly because some products available here in PH isn't doing the job so I had to import them from the US. I was told I was fussy when it comes to my cars. Though I'm just being cautious and I was always around whenever I have my cars on maintenance. I got complimented a few times because my SUV (bought 2016) still looks new - after all these years and mileage. Thanks for these tips!

  5. Wonderful tips for getting that car nice and clean! I have to show this to my parents.

  6. wow! awesome ideas, i need to try it all! thank you so much, I do hope it'll make my car look better

  7. Thanks for the reminder that I need to clean out my car today. I almost forgot!

  8. Thanks for this. I needed a reminder to keep my car clean!

  9. Thabks for the tips. I do the last one for my motorcycle, goimg to a car wash station twice a month.


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